Apply to be one of our exclusive Vendors

We will be regulating the numbers of each type of vendor in order to ensure a wide variety of merchandise for our guests.  Also this should help to boost profits for our Vendors.


First Vendor Booth  –  $350
Each Additional Booth  –  $250 

Apply to Join our Artist Alley and enter our Art Show

We are searching for the best up and coming artists for our Artist alley and Art show (the winner of which will get a free booth at next years show)


First Artist Booth  –  $160
Each Additional Booth  –  $120

Are you a serious cosplayer?

  • We are offering space for cosplay models and groups to help promote themselves
  • Promotion opportunities available as well
  • Reach out to us at the link below

A list of our Vendors and Artists

Galactic Events is proud to announce that we are bringing the comic, anime, and Sci-fi fans of Montgomery County their very own Comic Con.  With help from many Conroe area companies and some very eager volunteers, we will be bringing an exciting and star studded event to the Lonestar Convention Center.

Keep an close eye on our social media pages for sneak peak events to get early-bird discounts and free giveaways not available at the show.