How do I purchase tickets?

Simply click on our ticket link at the top left of the page.  That will take you to our secure TIXR page where you can finalize your purchase.  You can buy your passes as well as pre-purchase your autographs and Photo Ops all in one place.  TIxr even offers a payment plan to our customers that will break your purchase up into smaller bites for you.

Can I wear a costume if I am not going to enter the Cosplay Contest?

Of course you can!  We love cosplay of all skill levels.  Have fun and show off your cosplay skills.  We would love for you to enter the contest because you cant win if you don’t compete.  We will have lots of photo op locations for amazing cosplay photos.  So “Suit up!” Fans and join us for some serious cosplay.

Do I need to bring cash or can I use CC at all the vendors and artists booths?

While most of our vendors will be completely able to take credit cards for all your purchases, some of our artists may not be able to accept cards so plan accordingly so that you don’t miss out on any goodies.

Will you be offering press passes to the media?

Yes we will.  We even have a convenient link on our sign-ups drop-down menu at the top right corner of the page.

Can I bring a weapon as part of my cosplay?

The simple answer is No.  While we love all kinds of cosplay unfortunately we live in very strange times.  All cosplays must go through a security check to make certain that no one brings in a real weapon however replicas or fake weapons that are deemed to not be dangerous can be cleared to enter.  If you wish to wear a cosplay that involves replica weapons please plan for additional time to get through a security check before entering the convention.

What if I have to leave the fun and come back later?  Will I have to pay again?

No.  Your badge and wristband allows for free coming and going throughout the day or weekend depending on the badge you purchase.

What can I get signed from the guests?  Can I bring a comic or Pop figure from home?

Many of our vendors will have great merchandise available for purchase, and our guests will have items available as well.  However most guests are completely happy to sign anything you bring them. 

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